Sunday, 16 March 2014

Scooter Training with Constable Harwood

This week Constable Harwood is taking us for scooter training. We are learning how to be safe when riding our scooters. As part of the training we go out onto some of the local footpaths to practise the skills that we have learnt. If you want to take part in the training you need to bring your scooter, HELMET and raincoat to school. You also need to return the permission slip to Mrs Frazer.

Fun at Hockey

Each Wednesday we have a coach who takes us for hockey. This week we learnt how to hold the hockey stick properly and how to push the ball. We had lots of fun playing a game of traffic lights. We were clever at stopping quickly when the coach said red light.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The International Food Festival

On Friday we had the International Food Festival. We really enjoyed trying different kinds of food, seeing people dressed up in beautiful costumes, playing games, going on the Terminator, swimming and watching lots of talented people perform. Below are some photos taken on the night.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Milk in Schools

Today we watched a movie about milk in schools and how milk is good for us. It contains lots of protein, calcium and vitamins. Our Buddy Class came to visit us to show us how to drink our milk and recycle the containers.
We learnt:
-  How to push the straw from the top end down so the sharp end pushes out the bottom, leaving the  
   wrapper attached.
- How to piece the straw at the top of the pack, being careful not to squeeze at the same time.
- How to poke the straw into the bottom corner of the milk pack to drink every last drop.
- How to fold and recycle our milk pack.

How to Wash Our Hands

Cheyenne washing her hands
For writing this week we have been learning how to write instructions on how to wash our hands. This is what Jenna wrote:

How to Wash Your Hands

Step 1: Turn on the tap.
Step 2: Take the creamy, bubbly white soap and dip your hands in the icy water.
Step 3: Rub and scrub all over until your hands are really, really bubbly.
Step 4: Wash the bubbles away with water.
Step 5: Turn off the tap.
Step 6: Dry your hands with a soft snuggly towel.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Body

This week for topic we have been learning to name different body parts and describe what they do. We drew around Jenna and then some children drew in her eyes, lips nose, brain, heart and lungs. We then worked at our tables to cut out body parts and put them in the right place on an outline of a body. We learnt a poem that goes like this:
My body's very special,
It's made of different things,
Two lungs that help me breathe,
And also help me sing.
My Body's very special,
It's made of different parts,
In my chest I have a pump,
And that is called my heart.
I am very special,
I like to sing and play,
In my head I have a brain,
That helps me every day.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fun at Swimming

We have been having lots of fun at swimming! We are really lucky to have the Swimsation Coaches take our lessons twice a week. We are learning how to be confident in the water, how to blow bubbles and how to kick with boards. Some of us are learning to kick without boards and do freestyle. Our swimming days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.