Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Body

This week for topic we have been learning to name different body parts and describe what they do. We drew around Jenna and then some children drew in her eyes, lips nose, brain, heart and lungs. We then worked at our tables to cut out body parts and put them in the right place on an outline of a body. We learnt a poem that goes like this:
My body's very special,
It's made of different things,
Two lungs that help me breathe,
And also help me sing.
My Body's very special,
It's made of different parts,
In my chest I have a pump,
And that is called my heart.
I am very special,
I like to sing and play,
In my head I have a brain,
That helps me every day.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fun at Swimming

We have been having lots of fun at swimming! We are really lucky to have the Swimsation Coaches take our lessons twice a week. We are learning how to be confident in the water, how to blow bubbles and how to kick with boards. Some of us are learning to kick without boards and do freestyle. Our swimming days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day to Our Fabulous Parents

To all our fabulous parents,
Happy Valentines Day.
We really appreciate all the wonderful things that you do for us every single day!
We hope you love reading the gorgeous cards that we made for you xx

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Our Topic V.I.P

Our first topic for the year is V.I.P and we all think that we are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. We are learning to understand that we are special and unique, to describe our bodies needs, understand that we learn new things and change as we get older and to think of ways to stay safe at home. As part of our unit we visited the Life Education Caravan.

A Fabulous Puppet Show

We were very lucky to watch a fabulous puppet show that Gabriela and Patricia put on for us last week. The puppets spoke to us in Spanish and Gabriela translated what they were saying into English. We loved watching the show and playing with the puppets and instruments! We all feel really fortunate that we live in a country with so many different languages and cultures!  

Meet Room 15 2014

We are the new students in Room 15 for 2014. We are getting to know each other and are really excited about the fabulous learning we will do this year!