Thursday, 12 September 2013

Special Persons Day

This week we made beautiful flower cards to invite a special person to school on Thursday the 19th of September at 11.20 -12.30pm. We are going to make sand saucers in the morning of that day to show to our special visitor. We are also going to perform some of the folk dances that we have learnt during the term.

The Big Sad Wolf

On Friday we went to a fantastic show called the Big Sad Wolf. It was about a wolf who always got blamed for things that he did not do like: Eating sheep, trying to trick Little Red Riding Hood and blowing the Little Pigs houses down. At the end of the show The Big Sad Wolf and the Royal Huntsman found out that the judge was the boy who cried wolf.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Tinderbox Show

On Tuesday we had a visit from The Toyman. His name was Richard. He brought in to our school lots and lots of old fashioned toys. There were spinning tops,  jack in the boxes,  ball and cups, puppets, peg dolls,  hen pickers,  climbing men and an amazing marble run. We learnt that old toys often moved using string, they did not use batteries or electricity, they were not made out of plastic and they were often made for children by their mothers and fathers. We really loved having time to play with all of the fabulous toys.